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Kasey’s Home Cooking

A new addition to the Northlake area is Kasey’s Home Cooking Buffet located at the corner of Lavista and Montreal Road. Let me begin by stating that I am not a huge fan of buffets, especially home style because the majority offer quantity over quality. I can eat bad, over processed food at home if I want to open a few cans.

Kasey’s food however is far from what I expected. The sign out front advertises “Best Fried Chicken in Town” and that, as we all know, is a pretty bold statement for this part of the country. Truthfully though, they got it right – their fried chicken is amazing. It is crispy and crunchy on the outside and very tender & moist on the inside. If the chicken looks like it has been out for a while nibble on something else and wait until they bring out a fresh batch – it will take your breath away. My only complaint about the chicken is they cut the breasts in half before cooking which sometimes makes it difficult to tell the white meat from the dark. Kasey’s also features other entree items such as Meatloaf, Salmon Croquettes and Salisbury steak that rotate on a daily basis.

The vegetables at Kasey’s taste fresh and are seasoned in a way that conjures memories of a Southern Grandmother and they feature fried green tomatoes on Sunday. The butter beans, green beans, greens and sweet potatoes are standouts but the macaroni and cheese is a major disappointment. It is bland and tastes like it is straight out of an industrial sized box. Kasey’s recently changed their bread recipe and the new yeast rolls are absolutely divine. They are very light and fluffy and melt when you put them in your mouth.

Kasey’s dinner rolls are also a treat not to be missed if your are not watching your waistline but the absolute best thing about Kasey’s is the price. $7.00 includes all the mouth-watering chicken, vegetables and dessert you can eat in addition to your drink (sweet tea). Tax is included in the price so a family of four can walk out for $28.00 plus tip. The crowd is slightly older and you can expect a short wait at peak lunch and dinner times but I have never had to wait more than five minutes for a table.

Overall, Kasey’s Home Cooking is a welcome addition to the neighborhood and is worth the trip if you like southern style food, don’t let the “buffet” tag scare you off.

EDITED: 6-3-2008 to reflect price change.

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